The Shakuhachi Experience

★★★★ ThreeWeeks: 'a lilting, gentle break from the excesses of the Fringe'

Licensed master shakuhachi performer Markus Guhe takes Japan's oldest and quintessential bamboo flute on a journey from its mythical beginnings through its long and fascinating history into the 21st century. The programme features the traditional shakuhachi solo repertoire created during the Edo era by mendicant Zen monks (mysterious masterless samurai working as government spies and the only ones permitted to play the instrument), happy folk tunes, taiko (Japanese big drums; Markus is also a senior performer with Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers) and live electronics.

Listings Information

Venue Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
Dates 8, 9 August 2019 22–24 August 2019
Time 18:00 17:00
Tickets Coming soon …
0131 226 0000 /
Suitable for all ages